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Top Bourbon Bars in America | The Bourbon Review

If you’ve recently awaken from a 20 year coma, then the popularity of Bourbon amongst bar goers is something you’d probably be surprised about. It’s no secret amongst the industry that bartenders shifting their customer’s interest from vodka to Bourbon has been one of the driving catalyst in the recent Bourbon boom. There are many […]

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A New Temple of Bourbon

Summer is, above all else, swimming season. And while some dive into glistening infinity pools and others choose the salty waves of the Pacific, you prefer immersing yourself in something a bit…boozier. Welcome Rickhouse, a new bar literally made of bourbon, brought to you by the guys behind Bourbon & Branch and Cask, pouring some […]

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Diageo Resets the Bar for Economical Drinking

Ah, the times, they are a changing. Diageo has relaunched, and instead of focusing on high end cocktails and flashy Webitude, they’re rolling toward the economical home bar. It turns out people are drinking in bars less thanks to the recession, in the parlance of our time. Diageo’s new website reflects that, with Bar […]

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