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Visiting Buffalo Trace

As if just being able to attend Camp Runamok wasn’t enough the very first distillery I got to tour was Buffalo Trace Distillery – easily the one I wanted to visit the most as Buffalo Trace is the home of many of my favorite bourbons.

Buffalo Trace is a beautiful as well as massive complex, spanning more than 100 acres with 100 buildings. Buffalo Trace has a history of over 200 years of continuous production, being granted a “medicinal license” to produce alcohol during prohibition kept the distillery running from 1920 to 1933. Through it’s history Buffalo Trace has a few former names among them are; OFC: Old Firehouse Copper, Ancient Age and the current name of Buffalo Trace was made official in 1999.

Buffalo Trace has 10 fermenters which are about 92,000 gallons each, they take 3 boxes (~66 lbs) of yeast per batch and ferment for 3 – 5 days which after distilling will produced about 10,000 gallons of alcohol. One of the neatest things at Buffalo Trace was seeing their “experimental” fermenter and still that they use for testing new product ideas in smaller batch sizes – it was a beautiful still.

Stepping into Warehouse C was definitely one of the highlights of my entire trip. Just seeing wall to wall barrels stacked in this massive red-brick warehouse was so cool to see I can’t even express it. Buffalo Trace has 4 warehouses on-site; 2 red-brick, 1 yellow-brick, and one metal-clad.

Visiting Buffalo Trace was really fun for me and was something a have been waiting a long time to do. Thanks to everyone at Buffalo Trace – especially our tour guide “JW” – for the awesome tour and experience.