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Interesting List

So this is an interesting list I found today:
Find one of your favorites then go & try some others of the same “Bourbon Recipe”.
And as expected ~most~ of my favs are all right there – in the “High-Rye” section.

Traditional Bourbon Recipe:

* Baker’s
* Booker’s
* Elijah Craig
* Evan Williams
* Jim Beam
* Jim Beam Black
* Knob Creek
* Old Crow
* Wild Turkey

High-Rye Recipe:

* Basil Hayden’s
* Buffalo Trace
* Bulleit
* Eagle Rare
* Four Roses
* George T. Stagg
* Old Forester
* Old Grand-Dad
* Woodford Reserve

Traditional Wheat Recipe:

* Maker’s Mark
* Old Fitzgerald
* Rebel Yell
* Van Winkle
* W.L. Weller