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Drinking show ‘Three Sheets’ to be toast of Fine Living Network

After filming four seasons in more than 50 countries, “Three Sheets” host Zane Lamprey has only one theory about the perfect hangover cure.

“There isn’t one,” Lamprey told the Daily News. “There are only remedies, and the best remedy is time. But some people try spicy foods to adrenaline rushes to giant meals to hair of the dog. It really depends on your state of hangover. If you’re just a mess, order some fast food and take the day off.”

On July 20 at 10 p.m., “Three Sheets” is moving to a new home on the Fine Living Network (FLN), where the half-hour international drinking show will air 18 never-before-seen episodes.

It previously aired on Mojo HD.

“Three Sheets” features Lamprey, a comedian, traveling around the world to partake in various cultures’ drinking customs – in the process downing everything from the backwoods whisky of New Zealand to the “bee brew” of the Masai tribe in Tanzania.

“The show is basically the same because FLN liked the way it was and wanted to keep the same fan base and just grow it,” said Lamprey. “The only thing that’s different in season four is that we just have this new energy. It’s the same great show, but it’s even better.”

The show also serves as a drinking game for viewers, with rules such as, “When Zane drinks, you drink.”

“When you watch the show for the first time, you’re really not going to be playing along because there’s so much going on, but it makes repeats so much more interesting,” Lamprey said.

While it’s difficult for Lamprey to name his favorite drink because there have been so many delicious offerings (though a $10,000 dram of whisky from Scotland and a coconut porter in Maui stand out), it’s much easier for him to recall his least-appetizing imbibing experience ever.

“People always talk about the episode with the Viper Rum in Belize,” said Lamprey. “They take a snake, put it in a bottle and fill it with an overproof rum. The snake dies and they let it sit on a shelf for a year, then they drink it. Because it was the first time I had something like that on the show, it really sticks out.

“There’s nothing I won’t drink,” he added. “But there’s a lot I won’t drink twice.”

Zamprey said he’s gotten much better at holding his liquor over the past few years, but he doesn’t think he was ever a belligerent or mean drunk. And though he may have started off as a comedian with a show about drinking, he’s now getting used to being something of an alcohol expert.

“I was an everyman. I liked drinking and did it from time to time,” he said. “Now, after being to 50-plus countries and shooting over 500 scenes with other experts, I realize I sort of know what I’m talking about now. I’m writing a book about it.”

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